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Location: Norfolk, VA
Owner: Hampton Roads Transit (HRT)
Client: Blackwater Electric
Contract Value: <$100,000
Year Completed: 2020
Sector: Rail & Mass Transit

▪︎ Traction Power Systems
▪︎ Overhead Contact Systems
▪︎ Train Control Systems
▪︎ Communications Systems

The Tide Light Rail is the first rail service in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The 7.4-mile light rail system in Norfolk connects residents, students, and tourists with such downtown points of interest as the Wells Fargo Center, the Granby entertainment district, Norfolk State University, Tidewater Community College, the Civic Center, and Harbor Park baseball stadium.  

As a consultant to Blackwater Electric, the prime contractor to HRT for maintenance of electrical systems, C3M provided on-call consulting services related to their light rail systems overhead contact system (OCS). C3M has supported Blackwater and HRT with multiple tasks including the installation of a new York Street crossover.

C3M personnel, for a previous firm and under a $40M prime contract with HRT, constructed the complete rail systems for The Tide’s mainline and maintenance facility including traction power, OCS, signaling, and communications systems, operational signage, and an Operations Control Center.

“I would like to extent my personal thanks and thanks from Hampton Road Transit for the exceptional performance of [C3M] in assisting us in the installation of the overhead contact system at the new York Street Crossover. It was critical that this work be completed without an interruption to revenue service. [C3M], through advance preparation and training of Hampton Roads Transit personnel, ensured that this happened. I look forward to the opportunity to work with [C3M] in the future.”

— Mark Stemple
Director of Technical Services, HRT