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Location: Washington, DC Metro Region
Owner: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)
Client: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)
Contract Value: $5,000,000
Year Completed: 2018
Sector: Rail & Mass Transit

▪︎ Traction Power Systems
▪︎ Communications Systems
▪︎ Electrical Systems
▪︎ Construction in Active Rail System

This project consists of upgrades and equipment replacement for 6 traction power tie-breaker stations (TBS) along WMATA's Orange and Blue rail lines. A total of 25 DC Switchgear cubicles, breakers, cabling and associated SCADA equipment will be replaced, tested and re-energized.

The C3M project team replaced direct current switchgear lineups, insulated floor toppings, battery banks and chargers, and associated equipment at six tie breaker stations. C3M also installed new lighting fixtures, power circuits, and supervisory control and data acquisition equipment. Throughout the project, the team used temporary cables and equipment to facilitate power provisions while they replaced the existing switchgear.

"C3M…made the impossible possible by removing the (2) DC Switchgear cubicle splits by hand. Which allows the floor install schedule to stay on track. Thanks to the contractors…for a safe & successful rigg-out of the existing DC switchgear, DC breakers & materials for delivery and pickup at D99 Yard New Carrollton.”

– Rik Childs
Construction Inspector, WMATA