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Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Owner: Port Authority of Allegheny County
Client: Hitachi Rail STS
Contract Value: $6,000,000
Year Completed: 2020
Sector: Rail & Mass Transit

▪︎ Train Control Systems
▪︎ Construction in Active Rail Systems
▪︎ Design-Build

This project replaces the existing rolling stock/carborne and wayside inductive loop based automatic trip stop (ATS) equipment with a new and modern radio frequency identification (RFID) tag based ATS. C3M is responsible for all wayside and carborne installation and will support Hitachi Rail STS with carborne and wayside testing and commissioning of the new ATS system. All wayside work will be performed outside of revenue service periods and carefully coordinated with the Port Authority to avoid impact to the operating rail system. All carborne work will be performed on only two vehicles at a time to allow the Port Authority to maintain an optimum level of revenue service.