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Location: Washington, DC Metro Region
Owner: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)
Client: Clark Construction
Contract Value: $70,000,000
Year Completed: 2018
▪︎ Rail & Mass Transit
▪︎ Water, Power & Utilities

▪︎ Traction Power Systems
▪︎ Communications Systems
▪︎ Electrical Systems
▪︎ Construction in Active Rail System
▪︎ Design-Build

The Orange and Blue Line Rehabilitation is one of WMATA’s largest and most complicated projects to date. The multi-year project includes the rehabilitation of Metro’s Orange and Blue Lines from the Stadium Armory Station in the District of Columbia to the National Airport Station in Virginia. The project covers 27 miles of track and 23 stations in six phases.

Our scope of work included:

  • Replacement of 20 traction power substations (TPSS) and 22 tie-breaker stations (TBS) and associated SCADA systems

  • Replacement of 18 uninterrupted power systems (UPS)

  • Replacement of 33 motor control centers (MCC)

  • Replacement of electrical systems as required for ceiling replacement at 17 passenger stations

  • Replacement of electrical systems for 22 elevators and 103 escalators

  • Replacement of electrical systems for 55 tunnel ventilation systems, 2 drainage pumping stations, and 3 sewage ejector systems

  • Replacement of electrical and communications systems for 26 kiosks at 18 passenger stations including CCTV monitors, fire alarm annunciator panels, public address control panels, and other communications systems

  • Electrical and communications systems work associated with replacement of 2 passenger station platforms

  • Replacement of traction power and electrical systems conduit and cabling on the D-10 Aerial structure over the Anacostia River

A significant portion of the work was performed on a design-build basis including traction power, tie-breaker, kiosk replacement, D-10 Aerial, and passenger station platform replacement.

During the project, based on our proven track record of successfully performing similar work, WMATA awarded C3M the replacement of 6 traction power substations and 5 tie-breaker stations along their K-Line which was critical to reaching their goal of running 100% 8-car trains.

Also, C3M supported WMATA with emergency restoration of the Stadium-Armory TPSS following an unexpected fire event which damaged a transformer and resulted in local speed restrictions delaying revenue service. Although the restoration process was originally expected to take up to 6 months, the TPSS was placed back into service a mere 6 weeks after the incident allowing removal of the speed restrictions and normal revenue service to resume.

C3M was the recipient an a 2017 AGC of DC Washington Contractor Award for its outstanding work on the D-10 Aerial portion of this project and a 2019 WBC Craftsmanship Award winner for exceptional achievement in Electrical - Power Generation, Distribution and Switchgear.


  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) - Construction Safety Award for 75,000 Construction Hours Worked Without A Lost Time Injury, January 2015

  • Associated General Contractors (AGC) of America - Washington Contractor Award for Specialty Contracting and Projects Under $5 Million - 2017

  • Washington Building Congress (WBC) - Craftsmanship Award for Electrical - Power Generation, Distribution and Switchgear - 2019

  • National Electrical Contractor’s Association (NECA) - Project Excellence Award - Transportation & Infrastructure - 2019

“I am writing this letter on behalf of our project team to personally thank you and your company, C3M Power Systems, for your outstanding commitment to WMATA throughout the duration of the Orange and Blue Line Rehabilitation project in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. Based on my experiences here on this project, I would recommend C3M to other members of the construction industry. I look forward to your company’s continued support of WMATA projects in the future.”

— Daniel C. Anderson, Jr.
Authority Representative, WMATA